It’s hot as hell in my room.

- _ - 


I’m horrible at explaining my feelings.

I really hate bugs

Especially the ones that like to fly in your face - _ -

- _ -

My hair looks like shit. 


I want to know what it really feels like to have someone special.

I’m legit scared to talk to a guy I like.

I’m afraid i’m going to say something really stupid or smile way too much. 

Shit blows :c

I haven’t been shopping in awhile. & I don’t want to go shopping here, well the mall here because they always have the same stuff from last year. Eh i’ll just wait until summer. I’ll be shopping online though \m/ 


Idk but today has been such a depressing day for me.



I’ll just sleep during lunch tomorrow.


I just want someone to talk on the phone with.

Chill with.

Share feelings with.

Without labeling anything.

& yeah etcetc.

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Wide Awake.

With no one to talk to :c